School Plaque
Carving a School Plaque

This School Plaque was created to replace the origional which was sadly burnt in a school fire and the wood I chose is Macrocarpa.

H: 46cm   W: 36cm   D: 4cm

I have kept the overall design the same as the original but added a more modern look with the lettering etc. This photo shows that I have already relief carved out the background leaving the lettering raised. With the lettering at the bottom of the plaque on the scrolls I have carved the lettering down into the wood and filled it with a darker wood to give a contrast for easy reading.

Here I am stippeling the backgroung for more contrast between the lettering and the backgroung.

The plaque was finished with satin Estapol.

Written on Thursday, 24 November 2011 17:13 by Sandra Skodnik

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