Jabiru Platter

Hand carving a Platter with a Jabiru design.

Firstly this photo shows the timber I chose for the platter, Huon Pine. The top right hand corner shows the shape, and design the platter is intended to be. 26cm x 36cm x 4.5cm

I have drawn the Jabiru in this position on the wood because there is a swirl in the grain to the right of the darker piece of timber, I have placed the Jabiru's leg in the centre of the swirl which looks just like a ripple of water around the birds leg.

I have decided to change the longer length of the platter to now run with the grain which will emphasis the water look. The dark colour coming through on the left of the birds leg looks like a river rock so I decided to work with it. I have started drilling down to a suitable depth for holding fruit.

The bulk of the carving has been done, starting to get to the finer detail and working on adding to the water look by carving groves along with the natural grain.

Some reeds are added to the background and the platter is finished.

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Written on Friday, 25 November 2011 15:19 by Sandra Skodnik

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