Possum - Floor Lamp

Carving a Possum onto a tree trunk.

PossumHere I am working on a beautiful piece of Red Cedar I purchased from my wood supplier Trevor Gaskell, from Northgate QLD. The old tree from Tasmania was struck by lightening, and blew apart into about twenty pieces.

After spending some time studying the wood I decided the finish piece will be a free standing Floor Lamp. Here I have started removing wood with a flap sander.

The possum has been drawn onto the log with chalk and I have started carving the background with chissels.

I have decided that I like the contrast of the red background and the grey on the possum, this will add to the detail and the depth of the relief carving.

The carving is finished with several coates of Penetrol wood oil.

This side shows the possums back leg holding onto the log and draws you into wanting to seeing what is around the other side.

This side has been left natural, just flap sanded to remove the excess wood. There is a groove running to the centre of the log from top to bottom, this is where I will run the electrical cord.

Close-up of the possum.

Next I will attach a base for stability of Red Cedar. Then make a lamp shade, I'm thinking out of corrugated iron to represent an iron roof. That will take some playing around. I will post a photo of the finished piece on my web site when completed.

Written on Sunday, 19 December 2010 21:15 by Sandra Skodnik

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