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Fine Fabric Blue Rose-shaped 9mm White Freshwater Pearl Brooch Pin uLGy3HYwB
Fine Fabric Blue Rose-shaped 9mm White Freshwater Pearl Brooch Pin
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Posted on Dew Womens Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Necklace of Length 18 inch f7AYP4kCA
by Biblioklept

No great book is explicable, and I shall not attempt to explain this one. An explanation–indeed, any explanation–would defile it, for reduction is precisely what a work of art opposes. Easy answers, convenient summaries, quiz questions, annotations, arrows, highlight lines, lists of its references, the numbers of its sources, echoes, and influences, an outline of its design–useful as sometimes such helps are–nevertheless seriously mislead. Guidebooks are useful, but only to what is past. Interpretation replaces the original with the lamest sort of substitute. It tames, disarms. “Okay, I get it,” we say, dusting our hands, “and that takes care of that.” “At last I understand Kafka” is a foolish and conceited remark.

From “William Gaddis and His Goddamn Books” by William Gass. Originally published as the introduction to the Penguin Classics edition of The Recognitions , and also published (and repurposed and expanded) in A Temple of Texts —which is where I went looking for it—or rather, went looking for some of Gass’s language on J R , which I re-read last month, and was going to, I don’t know, try to write about (something beyond: J R is not nearly as difficult as you may think it is, and it is a very funny and important and tragic and entertaining novel). Anyway, this section leapt out at me— Yes, how wonderful! , thought I. And as I went to transcribe it here, to share, reader, I realized that of course I had done so already Crystocraft Keepsake Gift Ornament Crystocraft Necklace with Heart Charm Our Special Bridesmaid br3D3Z
. Ah! Why not share again. Isn’t J R about recycling, about language as a kind of detritus, redirected, repurposed? Isn’t it?


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Nomination Hibiscus Pink Womens Charm Stainless Steel Enamel 330202/24 5pqlevPuyy

1. I reread William Gaddis's 1975 novelJ R this February and, as is usually the case with a reread, I was pleasantly unsurprised by all its unrememberedsurprises---the jokes and japes, riffs and routines that had oozed from my brain-sievesince that first read back in 2012. How could I forget about…

In "Book Reviews"

RIP William H. Gass

RIP William H. Gass, 1924-2017 I have now deleted three iterations of this "RIP William H. Gass" blog post. (If this iteration survives I will not edit it (this is the only way it will survive)). Each of these earlier drafts did not start with the grammatical subject "I" (here…

In "Books"

A Riff on William Gaddis's The Recognitions

1. I finished reading William Gaddis's enormous opus The Recognitions a few days ago. I made a decent first attempt at the book in the summer of 2009, but wound up distracted not quite half way through, and eventually abandoned the book. I did, however, write about its first third.…

In "Books"

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Enterprise Imaging Exchange

Share every image, from anywhere

Transferencia rápida, segura y fiable deestudios de pacientes entre hospitales, sin CD ni DVD

Productividad optimizada en cada etapa de la atención sanitaria

Los CD o DVD que contienen imágenes de los pacientespueden perderse o estropearse, el procesode transferencia de imágenes requiere mucho tiempo y trabajo,y los materiales son caros.

SinCD o DVD que preparar y transportar,EnterpriseImaging Exchange mejora laproductividaden toda la línea: para el médico remitentey para el centro derecepción.

Y el Visor Enterprise ImagingXERO, fácil de usar, hace que la visualización de imágenes sea tan fácilparalos médicos remitentes como para los radiólogos: no senecesita ninguna capacitación especial para utilizar la interfazintuitiva.

Imágenes digitales a su propio ritmo


¿Le preocupa que sus datos lleguen de forma segura ycompleta?

¡No tiene por qué preocuparse con Enterprise Imaging Exchange!Optimiza y comprime los datos DICOMpara una transferencia rápida, los cifra enpaquetes pequeños y a continuación, los envía al servidor,lo que reduce el ancho de banda de la red y eltiempo de transferencia.

Los datos DICOM se preparan y setransfieren a través de un Protocolo de Internet seguro, porlo que no se necesita VPN. Y los controles de integridad de datosverifican que losdatos enviados sean segurosy fiables. Todas las transferencias son sometidas a auditoríacon el perfil de integraciónATNA (Audit Trail and Node Authentication,) de IHE.


Enterprise Imaging Exchange ayuda a resolver los problemas operacionales de la estrategiade gestión de imágenes médicas del hospital, mediante el establecimiento de una red de intercambio de información de salud segura entre proveedores sanitarios.

School of Pharmacy
School of Pharmacy, UPR Medical Sciences Campus
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Admission Requirements

NOTE: Candidates for the Doctor of Pharmacy Program, please be sure to complete the PharmCAS and Medical Sciences Campus applications.

Complete a minimum of 75 – 80 semester credits from among the following courses, or their equivalents, at any accredited college or university:

Example of Courses From Other Institutions

NOTE: For courses from any other university not shown in this table, please contact the office of Academic Affairs at the School of Pharmacy for verification.

To qualify for admission, applicants must present academic and personal records indicating good preparation and ability to undertake a professional college degree program. Applicants are required a general grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 (on a scale of 4.00), and a specific grade point average of at least 2.75 (on a scale of 4.00) in chemistry, mathematics, biology, and physics courses (sciences index). In addition, applicants must take the Pharmacy College Admission Text (PCAT) no later than November (before the academic year applying for admission). . The applicant must submit three recommendation forms, two of which should be from former professors. Recommendations from the School of Pharmacy faculty will not be accepted. The most qualified candidates will be invited for a personal interview. For more information about PCAT, access Swarovski Lilia Pierced Earrings Multicolored Rose gold plating s51PbO


Students from Schools with Program Accredited by ACPE

Students from other ACPE accredited pharmacy programs requesting admission will be evaluated individually by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs using transcripts and other documents requested by the School. All academic rules established by the School in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University will apply. No one will be admitted after the second year (PY2) of the Pharm.D. Program. Command of the Spanish and English languages is required. To start the transfer process the student must:

Students that qualify for evaluation will be interviewed by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Final decision on transfer applications will be made by the Dean. The decision will be based on factors that include, but are not limited to, the student’s academic record, the circumstances leading to the transfer request, available space, and the interview. The application fee of $250.00 should be made payable to the University of Puerto Rico School of Pharmacy.

All documents should be addressed to:

Students from Schools Not-Accredited by ACPE

Students from institutions with program not accredited by ACPE will be evaluated by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs taking into consideration the prestige of the institution of origin, its recognition by the international academic community, and the same requisites that apply to students from accredited ACPE programs and the University of Puerto Rico System. All cases would be referred to the Admissions Committee for final approval.

Undergraduate coursework taken at a foreign institution must be evaluated for U.S. institution equivalence. Foreign coursework must be evaluated by one of the services listed below.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to have their coursework evaluated. An official course-by-course evaluation must be sent to the School of Pharmacy.

For more information, you can contact Josephine Picorelly, Student Affairs Officer, at or Myriam L. González, EdD, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at Women Necklace AEONSLOVE 925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant Family Tree Jewellery 18inch OlnSZnJvR

Physical Address:

Telephone: (787) 758-2525 Ext. 5407, 5422 Fax: (787) 751-5680

Mailing Address:

will substitute

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